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Nick Stahl, Emmanuelle Vaugier, Evan Jones
Max Matheson (Nick Stahl), a security guard on the night shift at a large department store, begins to see the reflection of a young woman in the mirrors. At first, he suspects that these strange occurrences are side effects of the depression medication he is taking. However, as the store employees start dying one by one, Max realizes that he must uncover the horrifying secret behind the mirrors and stop these demonic spirits.

Directed by Alexander Aja, the first "Mirrors" film made a strong impact on the audience, thanks to its impressive visual effects and Kiefer Sutherland's compelling performance. Due to the positive reception, a sequel was decided to be made, with young director Victor Garcia taking the helm. The cast includes talented actors such as Nick Stahl, Emmanuelle Vaugier, William Katt, Stephanie Honore, Christy Charlson Romano, and Lawrence Turner.

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