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Cassandra’nın rüyası izle



Colin Farrell, Ewan McGregor, Hayley Atwell
Ian (McGregor) and Terry (Farrell) are two brothers who belong to a middle-class family and work at their family-owned restaurant and as a car mechanic, respectively. Constantly dreaming of becoming rich, their situation worsens when Terry (Farrell) accumulates a huge gambling debt.

Desperate to escape their current predicament and live the luxurious life they have always fantasized about, the two brothers are willing to do anything, even commit murder.

Their lives take a chaotic turn when they meet Angela (Hayley Atwell), a struggling actress, who unintentionally comes between the two already troubled brothers, making their situation even more complicated...

This film, available to watch on hdfilmcehennemi, explores the lengths people will go to fulfill their desires and the consequences that follow.

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