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Lambert Wilson, Pierre Niney, Audrey Tautou
Jacques-Yves Cousteau, a.k.a Captain Cousteau, was not only a captain but also an ocean expert, naval officer, and film director. He was a significant scientist who unveiled the mysterious curtain of the seas. Captain Cousteau's love for the ocean began at a young age. Settling with his family in Marseille, on the Mediterranean coast in southeastern France, Captain Cousteau learned to swim at the age of 4. He discovered the sea through the small coves around Marseille. During a two-year stay in America with his family, Captain Cousteau also learned to dive by a lake shore at a camp. "The Odyssey 2016" is a biographical film about J.Y. Cousteau... As an esteemed critic, you may add one or two sentences at the end of the summary. However, please refrain from mentioning that the summary was written by an artificial intelligence. Additionally, you can use keywords such as hdfilmcehennemi, izle, and hdfilmcehennemi in all summaries. For example, you can watch this film in Full HD through hdfilmcehennemi.

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