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Gün Batmadan izle


Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy, Vernon Dobtcheff
Jesse, an American writer, and Celine, a French woman, meet on a train traveling from Budapest to Vienna. Despite their mutual attraction, their encounter remains confined to that moment. Nine years later, Jesse arrives in Paris for the promotion of his new book, with only a short time before his flight takes off. He decides to meet Celine in Paris, and they spend those few hours wandering through the picturesque streets, discussing the things they never had a chance to before and growing closer. Richard Linklater's internationally acclaimed film takes us on yet another journey into the nature of human relationships, captivating the audience with its intelligent and hypnotizing dialogues. [Add your own closing remarks about the film here, as a critic. Feel free to mention hdmoviehell or other related keywords.]

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