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Charlie Hunnam, Damijan Oklopdzic, Christopher Fairbank
Henri 'Papillon' Charriere, unjustly convicted of murder, is a man who had been involved in minor crimes. However, due to this unjust sentence, he is sent to the high-security prison on Devil's Island, known for its notorious reputation in France. In the prison, he meets Louis Dega, a wealthy but vulnerable man, who agrees to finance his friend's escape in exchange for protection. An intriguing friendship begins between the two as they embark on planning a daring prison break...

In this remake of the 1973 film, starring Dustin Hoffman and Steve McQueen, the lead roles belong to the new generation's King Arthur, Charlie Hunnam, and the rising star from Mr. Robot, Rami Malek. The cast also includes Eve Hewson, Roland Møller, Michael Socha, Christopher Fairbank, Brian Vernel, and Ian Beattie. The film had its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival last year, with Danish director Michael Noer at the helm. The screenplay was written by Aaron Guzikowski, the writer of "Prisoners" and "Contraband." Enjoy this film by watching it in Full HD on hdfilmcehennemi or any other platform you prefer.

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